Subject: Re: Tarball of my Zope/Plone pkgsrc work in progress available
To: Takahiro Kambe <>
From: Douglas Wade Needham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/04/2005 11:22:23

Hi Takahiro (and the rest of the pkgsrc community),

To answer Takahiro's question, I put up a new tarball on in the downloads section on April 21.  To see
the downloads section links, you will have to register, but the
process is quick and painless.  The reason I require the registration
is so that folks are more aware of the fact that there is a potential
hazard to using a WIP.

On the status side, I have one major item I am trying to figure out,
where if I am uploading a batch of pictures via the ftp interface,
there appears to be a pretty hefty memory leak.  It is bad enough that
to clear the resulting state, the Zope server must be restarted. 8( I
have logged this in my collector on the above site as bug 3, with a
status of critical.  Once I figure out the parameters of this issue in
a little more detail, I will be submitting an issue to one of the main
collectors, and then will be importing the work into pkgsrc-wip to
start the process of getting it into pkgsrc itself.

That leads me to a second item. I know that I constantly see comments
on the pkgsrc-wip lists telling folks to run pkglint.  The packaging I
have done works, contains all the necessary items and is very
readable.  Unfortunately, it appears that pkglint is perhaps a little
overly sensitive to things such as ordering and spacing, and IMO doth
protest too much when it comes to these packages.  Anyone wanting to
offer opinions on this, please feel free to do so.

The above two items also bring to mind something else.  We have the
MAINTAINER variable, which is currently used to list the email address
for the package maintainer.  Along with this, we have the HOMEPAGE
variable, which is used to point at the homepage for the product.
However, it may be that a package maintainer wants to have
communications regarding the pkgsrc work itself go through a web page
as well.  Anyone have any opinions about adding an optional variable
such as MAINTAINER_HOMEPAGE or MAINTAINER_URL?  Or perhaps we should
be converting MAINTAINER to be a URL, which would be more generic.  I
know we could eventually use this to put links on the page for each
package, but bare email URLs would be a spammer's treasure trove, and
I will not suggest that!  But back to the idea about a maintainer's
URL, thoughts on that as well??

Lastly, since I mentioned this site, I better warn folks.  I may be
doing some work to do some diagnostics and testing relating to a crash
of the server which hosts the above site last week either tonight or
tomorrow (May 4 or 5).  My system drive may have incurred some errors
which caused a panic. and somehow, my NMS (using tkined) failed to
pick up on the system being down. Grrr.  Time frame should be between
1900 and 2200 ET (2300 and 0200 GMT).

- Doug

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> Hi,
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> 	on Sun, 16 Jan 2005 18:09:07 -0500,
> 	Douglas Wade Needham <> wrote:
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> > Quoting Douglas Wade Needham (
> > > Greetings to everyone.
> > > The first results of this work are almost ready.  However, before I
> > > release the work to the public for general consumption by putting it
> > > into pkgsrc-wip and eventually pkgsrc, I would like to see it get a
> > > bit more testing.  I know several folks have asked about a work such
> > > as this during this period, and I am Bcc'ing each of them to be sure
> > > they see this message.
> What is recent status and when it would be expected to release under
> public status?
> Best regards.
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> Takahiro Kambe <>

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