Subject: print-PLIST and rc.d/etc files
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/27/2005 10:48:46
I just updated wip/quagga-devel to a new snapshot.  I did make
print-PLIST and added in a few files newly appearing.  If I cat
together and sort the PLIST files used (main, opaquelsa, v6, vtysh),
sort the auto PLIST, and 'diff pkgsrc.sort auto.sort, I see only the
following lines:


The Makefile does (and similarly for more e.g. if v6 defined)

RCD_SCRIPTS=    zebra bgpd ospfd ripd


# log_syslog.conf is used as a template for each config file
.for _file_ in vtysh.conf zebra.conf bgpd.conf ospfd.conf ripd.conf
${PREFIX}/share/examples/quagga/log_syslog.conf ${PKG_SYSCONFDIR}/${_file_} quagga quagga 0600
.undef _file_

It seems the files above do not belong in PLIST, since they are
auto-inserted.  So, is this a bug in the print-PLIST target (which
seems to know how to omit other than .la for libtool libs)?