Subject: Re: goals for NetBSD binary packages
To: John Klos <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/25/2005 20:56:54
> Binary package builds are running for NetBSD 1.6.2 on m68k, but NetBSD 2.0 
> is broken on m68k, and until it's fixed, I won't be running 2.0 on any of 
> my m68k machines.

I wonder why both the amiga and the mac68k port web page give the impression
of NetBSD 2.0 running just fine.

> Startup of a bulk package build on a VAXstation 4000/60 has already taken 
> 45 hours and it's still building the depends tree. Same with a 40 MHz 
> m68040 Mac Quadra 605. After 25 hours, a 60 MHz m68060 Amiga is still 
> doing up and down dependency files. It'd be nice if all of this work could 
> be done on a fast machine and the slow machines could just do the actual 
> compiling...

Compiling on a 50 MHz (or 100, depending on which marketing philosophy you
follow :-)) R4000 I for your know what you mean...

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