Subject: Re: qt3-tools on OS X
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Adam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/18/2005 19:08:09
>>> If dlopen(3) is being used in qt3-libs (as referenced by qt3-tools), 
>>> then
>>> qt3-libs should include "../../mk/", which 
>>> (among other
>>> important things for proper dlopen support) adds -ldl for Darwin.  
>>> The
>>> inclusion should be in both the qt3-libs Makefile and
>> Following the patch for qt3-libs, it builds and installs just fine on
>> MacOS X 10.2.8.  It would appear that qt3-libs does not require the 
>> cited
>> buildlink3 file.
>> But the qt3-tools package has many unresolved references to the 
>> symbols
>> noted above.  I've been manually adding "-ldl" to the LIBS definition
>> in various package Makefiles (which appear to be generated by other
>> scripting) and restarting the build.
>> It remains to be seen what other additions will need to be made to get
>> it all built on MacOS X 10.2.8.  It appears 10.3.x has a different(?) 
>> set
>> of issues.
> is there a ldd-equivalent on Darwin ? Just to see with which librairies
> my qt tools are linked.

otool -L <filename>