Subject: Re: problems building nas
To: Mark Davies <>
From: Hisashi T Fujinaka <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/08/2005 16:32:02
On Sat, 9 Apr 2005, Mark Davies wrote:

> On Friday 08 April 2005 12:24, Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:
>> It clears that up, but I get all sorts of errors like:
>> cc -c    -I../../include -I/include  -I/usr/pkg/xorg/include -DCSRG_BASED
>> unshared/AlibAsync.o AlibAsync.c:43:27: audio/Alibint.h: No such file or
>> directory
>> AlibAsync.c:44:23: audio/Aos.h: No such file or directory
>> AlibAsync.c:48: error: parse error before "_AuAsyncErrorHandler"
> There is something very odd going on with your build.  The "-I../../include"
> should be picking up those include files.  I also note the "-I/include" above
> which suggests some variable such as $PREFIX isn't set.
> I've tried building this with both the xsrc X tree and also xorg (like you)
> and had no problem.

OK, I'm one of the oddballs who link /usr/pkg/xorg to /usr/X11R6 and
that might be causing problems. (I don't know if that's recommended any
more, but that's what was suggested when xorg was first imported.)

My full buildlog is now at, if that

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