Subject: Re: [RFC] framework for platform tools
To: None <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/08/2005 07:18:27
Georg Schwarz wrote:
> thinking of the whole issue another idea came to my mind:
> my not set up once (for a given system/platform) a bin directory (probably
> somewhere under the pkgsrc tree) which contains symlinks to the desired
> tools for the respective installation (if there should be any non-standard
> tools to be used instead of the ones found in the standard path),
> and include that directory in the path after the ./tools/bin, ./buildlink/bin
> etc. directories but before the standard shell path? That way these tools,
> if any such links would have been created, would take priority over the
> repsective system tools but still would be overriden, if applicable, by
> the GNU versions, for example.

I like the idea of overriding tools. But that was not what I meant in 
the first place. I just wanted to make the 
pkgsrc/mk/platform/${OPSYS}.mk files shorter. Your suggestion is 
independent from that, and I want to have it, too.

I am installing packages as an unprivileged user and therefore often 
need to override ranlib(1) and strip(1). That would be a nice 
application of your idea.