Subject: Re: Have pkgsrc building make use of SMP?
To: None <>
From: J Chapman Flack <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/06/2005 10:36:40
> The problem is not with packages.  It is either bmake, or pkgsrc 
> Makefiles, or both.
> Speaking from experience :)

So, what *is* the experience?  If there isn't a PR or a reasonably clear
example, how can the problem be fixed?

I'm not questioning the experience, just looking for details.  I build
kernels with -j2 on a two-processor machine with no trouble.  Seems to me
(if I try to imagine writing it) that writing a paralle make should not be
very difficult, but writing parallel makeFILES could be quite hard to get
right.  Are you sure that's not the source of problems?