Subject: Re: INSTALL_DATA etc: where are wildcards supposed to be expanded?
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/06/2005 03:29:07
> I recall that others have mentioned that install(1) on their systems don't
> support multiple files.

I don't have native install, so I use install-sh.
It does not have problems with several files, but it does have quite some
other problems. For that reason I quite excessively rewrote it this afternoon.
I'm still testing, but maybe someone wants to look at my changes already.

The original problem, as explained in my previous email, was not directly
related to any bug in install-sh though.

> I know packages have been fixed to use multiple "install" statements
> instead of wildcards, but from a quick search I can't find the examples or
> references.

This might be true for multiple direcories using the -d option which
install-sh does not support (main reason for me to rewrite it).

> I use install(1) from coreutils on my Linux systems. And native install on
> FreeBSD and NetBSD.
> Maybe we should force the or other install command for some
> systems?

it's already being done so.

> See mk/platform/ and mk/platform/ which have examples for
> setting INSTALL=    ${LOCALBASE}/bin/install-sh
> What platform?

IRIX 5.3.

As explained in the other mail, we should buildlink fake $SED for sed
(and similarly for other tools). I already have some idea in mind doing it
with the existing wrapper logic, but first I would have to have someone
answer a few questions of mine on this topic.

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