Subject: "professionnal" features
To: None <>
From: Joel CARNAT <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/04/2005 15:13:00

First, don't take the word "professionnal" to seriously. I just use it
for a short way to "Working in a prod environment".

So, I'm trying to install a NetBSD server inside our Linux/Gentoo
farm ;) A few things we're used to do with gentoo seem complicated (as
it's not the standard way of doing it under NetBSD). Can anyone tell me
if it's possible and how to :

1. fetch the initial pkgsrc.tar.gz for a given branch ?
I know I can get
But is there any official pkgsrc-BRANCH.tar.gz to be fetch (rather than
pkgsrc and then "cvs up -rBRANCH") ?

2. we use a proxy to fetch things from Internet to servers.
I know I can use mk.conf/wget/proxy and http_proxy/ftp_proxy to fetch
the tarballs. But how can I synchronise /usr/pkgsrc through a Squid
proxy ? Gentoo/Linux use rsync (which can be configured in Squid). What
is NetBSD/pkgsrc options for that (no, SSH to Internet is also prohibited
;) ?

As there only be one machine right now, I really need options on those
two points. Having a central /usr/pkgsrc server with special sync rights
and that would be NFS server for other NetBSD box is not (yet) the
solution. I must find a solution as transparent as possible (aka, use of
proxy as much as possible).

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