Subject: Xaw3d libraries not found by sysutils/xfm
To: None <>
From: Chris Wareham <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/02/2005 20:02:36
I've just tried to install sysutils/xfm, and it complains that the Xaw3d
libraries will not be found by the xfm binary:

===> Registering installation for xfm-1.4.3nb1
xfm-1.4.3nb1 requires installed package Xaw3d-1.5E
xfm-1.4.3nb1 requires installed package xorg-libs-6.8.2
/usr/pkg/bin/xfm:        -lXaw3d.8 => not found

[chris@toolbox bin]$ ldd xfm
          -lX11.6 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lXext.6 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lXpm.4 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lXaw3d.8 => not found
          -lICE.6 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lSM.6 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lXt.6 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lXmu.6 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lXp.6 => /usr/pkg/xorg/lib/
          -lc.12 => /usr/lib/

This is on NetBSD 2.0 with Xorg from pkgsrc rather than XFree86. I
assume it's something to do with buildlink, as xfm's package Makefile
looks OK.

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