Subject: Re: Netatalk 2.0.2 configure looking for DB library version in vain
To: Louis Guillaume <>
From: Daniel R. Killoran,Ph.D. <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/01/2005 08:32:56
On Mar 31, 2005, at 5:18 PM, Louis Guillaume wrote:

> Daniel R. Killoran,Ph.D. wrote:
>> Go to the list of all packages and select netatalk-2.0.2nb1. Under 
>> mac68k, it shows netatalk- as the highest available version, 
>> so
> Right. But what you are looking at is the list of netatalk *binaries* 
> built by NetBSD folks for mac68k, and posted on
> Probably nobody has had the patience to build (or success in building) 
> the latest netatalk using pkgsrc on mac68k as yet. Looks like you're 
> willing to try!

Some of them, anyway - I don't expect to live long enough to do them 

> It's not really clear yet how far you got using pkgsrc, and what 
> exactly you tried before, so I'll try to explain the way I would do 
> it.
> Read through to the end first, because I've put some ideas for 
> building binary packages further down that you'd have to do first...
> 1. Get the latest pkgsrc...
> $ cd /usr
> $ export
> $ cvs login
>   < type "anoncvs" for the password >
> $ cvs checkout -r pkgsrc-2005Q1 -P pkgsrc
>   < will take a while >
> ... Now you will have the latest stable pkgsrc in /usr/pkgsrc

Wilco, I just ftp'ed it last time, because I am not familiar with cvs 
(I am very much a Mac guy, and cvs doesn't support resource forks).

> 2. become root and go to the netatalk directory...
> # cd /usr/pkgsrc/net/netatalk
> 3. build the package...
> # make package
> ... this will attempt to build and install netatalk-2.0.2nb1 and will 
> build a binary package for it too if the build is successful.

Ok, I will try this as soon as the build I am currently doing gets 
finished (or craps out!) - it should be finished any day now...

> If you could provide any problems you run (or ran) into that would be 
> great. Several dependencies will be built and if one of those fails, 
> of course you'll run in to trouble too. Report these as well.

Will do.

> It looks like there's no binary package for the latest perl on 
> 2.0/mac68k yet. So you'll have to build it.
I already did. I hope it's the right version (perl-5.8.1)

> If you want to create binary packages for all the dependencies, put 
> this in your /etc/mk.conf file...
> I'm not really sure what the procedure is to contribute binary 
> packages to the ftp site. I guess there's some level of trust that has 
> to be attained before NetBSD would accept a package from you and post 
> it as part of their binary packages collection.

Might as well do so, anyway.



Dan Killoran