Subject: right place/name for sylpheed-1.9.x ?
To: None <>
From: Joel CARNAT <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/30/2005 17:44:55

According to sylpheed-gtk2's homepage, this thread is dead and the
whole thing has been imported in a new sylpheed branch. I've done a
quick and dirty pkgsrc for it but don't really know how to name it. As
I understood sylpheed's homepage, 1.9.x is the beta branch, which will
become 2.x when stable enough (I guess). A major change is the use of
GTK2 rather that GTK1.
As I suppose some people will require to still be able to use gtk1 (for
performance issue on tiny machine), I'm not sure whether to post my
pkgsrc as sylpheed, sylpheed2 or sylpheed-gtk2.
I guess that sylpheed-claws will also be impacted when sylpheed will go
2.x, so I'm not sure keeping 1.x as sylpheed (rather than sylpheed1) is
the nice way to go.
I see things like evolution, evolution12, evolution14 which seems to
face the same conflics (evolution is evolution-2.0.4).

So, what's would be the most accurate name for this sylpheed-1.9.7
(beta branch) pkgsrc ?

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