Subject: Re: Keyboard trouble with KDE 3.4 (NetBSD 2.0.1/i386)
To: Torsten Harenberg <>
From: Davide Zanon <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/30/2005 11:28:54
On Wednesday 30 March 2005 08:31, Torsten Harenberg wrote:
> Dear all,
> after upgrading my NetBSD box at home to KDE 3.4, I have very strange
> keyboard problems making the machine unusable. I hope somebody has an idea
> ...
> After logging in with kdm, everything is okay. But after 1 or 2 minutes,
> the keyboard seems to go mad. 1000s of "8"'s appear in a console window
> (when it's activated), if you focus on any other program like konqueror or
> firefox it starts to scroll down.
> After some more time (another minute or so) the keyboard is mainly dead.
> KDE itself resonds to mouse clicks, but the keyboard is dead (although
> lighting the NUM-lock LED still works).
> Killing X and kdm via ssh brings me back to the console, where the system
> is normal.
> The former KDE 3.3 was running very smootly and I didn't change anything
> to the base system nor to the X config, I just used "make update" in
> kdebase3.

Sorry for my untechnical answer, I'm only reporting the problem again :)

I suppose everything happens only using kdm and when starting kde via startx 
the keyboard works perfectly... Am I right?

This happens to me as well, except for the fact I'm using kde 3.3. When 
logging in with kdm, my system had the same behaviour as yours. I can't think 
about anything that can make this happen... as I said, startx works well. 
This on i386. I would have tried it on macppc too, but kdm has always refused 
to start kde (some seconds after inserting username and password, X dies and 
starts up again, and so on in an infinite loop until I kill everything... 
someone's got ideas?) on my system.
I'm building kde 3.4 right now, I'll let you know what happens.

> Neither the X log file nor system log shows anything beside the normal
> messages.

The same here.

> Has anybody upgraded to KDE 3.4 so far? Or anybody a clue? I'm a bit
> perplexed...
> Any help is as allways very much appreciated!!
>    Thanks a lot,
>          Torsten

Sorry for being so foggy :)