Subject: Re: Some package moves and new categories
To: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
From: Thomas Klausner <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/28/2005 13:47:56
On Sun, Mar 27, 2005 at 12:41:30PM +0200, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:
> Anyway, compare these two with the chat category.  Its comment says
> "Communication programs" (nothing about libraries), but, in fact, there
> are a bunch of libraries in there.
> Or take the 'audio' and 'multimedia' categories.  Both have 'tools' and
> 'utilities' in their description, yet they have (and have always had)
> libraries in them.
> I don't think all libraries should be in 'devel' just because they are
> libraries.  That results in a bloated category.  And, if we followed
> that principle, qt, gtk, or any type of library could also be in there.
> (OK, we could, and should, adjust the category comments to match
> reality.)

I agree with your suggestion -- let's adjust the category descriptions
and move specific libraries to them.

> Anyway, I'm not very sure about where bug-buddy could go, but 'net' just
> looks incorrect.  It's the last place where I'd search.  I think devel
> is the one that makes more sense.

I agree. Move it :)

> > > - GConf* are under devel, but according to their description: "GConf is
> > >   a configuration database system, functionally similar to the Windows
> > >   registry but lots better".  Isn't it calling for sysutils?
> > 
> > Hm, not quite sure. Compare it with amanda, which already is in sysutils...
> How is amanda related?  From what I see, it's a backup tool, so sysutils
> seems reasonable (as well as archivers, maybe).

I just meant that I think that amanda and GConf are quite different.
One is for a system administrator to do backups and the other is for
a user to safe his configuration. I'm not sure that they fall in the
same category.

> > If you get about 10 package together for this, I agree.
> > Categories with less packages can be collected in misc for now
> > (or wherever they currently are).
> Aside the six I said, add dasher and kdeaccessibility3.  But humm, doh!
> That makes a total of eight! ;)

Then let's just leave them as-is for now. You could add 'accessibility'
as extra word in CATEGORIES for now.

> gnome-themes, gnome-themes-extras, gtk-engines, gtk-thinice-engine,
> gtk2-engines, gtk2-engines-bluecurve, gtk2-engines-clearlooks,
> xfce4-gtk2-engines, theme-dirs, gnome-icon-theme, hicolor-icon-theme,
> gnome-pixmaps, gnome2-pixmaps, xfce4-icon-theme.  These are all mixed
> in graphics, x11 and misc.
> Aside these, maybe the following could be moved too, which are currently
> inside wm: ethemes, fvwm2-themes, sawfish-themes, wmtheme,
> xfce4-wm-themes.  Of course, CATEGORIES could still list 'wm' as a
> secondary option.
> And, at last, maybe the category could also hold utilities to manage
> themes, such as gtk2-chtheme or gtk2-theme-switch.
> I think that there are enough examples in this case ;)

Yes, this looks good to me too.