Subject: Re: Some package moves and new categories
To: Thomas Klausner <>
From: Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/27/2005 12:41:30
On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 23:08 +0100, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 20, 2005 at 03:51:38PM +0100, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:
> > - gtksourceview, which actually lives in x11, could be placed in
> >   editors.  This is a text editor widget for GTK.
> So far, the editors category only contains editors, and not supporting
> libraries. Perhaps we should collect those there too. Any other libraries
> that fall in that category?

> > - libwnck is actually in devel, but could be in wm.  This is a library
> >   to easily create pagers and tasklisks (IOW, to communicate with the
> >   running window manager).
> Similar to gtksourceview. Any other you think should go there?

Unfortunately, none that I'm aware of.

Anyway, compare these two with the chat category.  Its comment says
"Communication programs" (nothing about libraries), but, in fact, there
are a bunch of libraries in there.

Or take the 'audio' and 'multimedia' categories.  Both have 'tools' and
'utilities' in their description, yet they have (and have always had)
libraries in them.

I don't think all libraries should be in 'devel' just because they are
libraries.  That results in a bloated category.  And, if we followed
that principle, qt, gtk, or any type of library could also be in there.

(OK, we could, and should, adjust the category comments to match

> > - bug-buddy is used to report bugs in multiple programs.  It's actually
> >   in the net category, which makes no sense to me (apart from "sending
> >   bug reports through the network").  This could go into devel (as in
> >   "a tool to aid developers by sending bug reports") or misc.
> gnats is in databases. Not that I think it fits there...

Me neither, but I'll better leave that one to the maintainer.  (Note
that bugzilla is actually living in 'devel', which makes more sense.)

Anyway, I'm not very sure about where bug-buddy could go, but 'net' just
looks incorrect.  It's the last place where I'd search.  I think devel
is the one that makes more sense.

> > - GConf* are under devel, but according to their description: "GConf is
> >   a configuration database system, functionally similar to the Windows
> >   registry but lots better".  Isn't it calling for sysutils?
> Hm, not quite sure. Compare it with amanda, which already is in sysutils...

How is amanda related?  From what I see, it's a backup tool, so sysutils
seems reasonable (as well as archivers, maybe).

> > - nss and nspr were added recently into devel, but they should be in
> >   security, just as openssl or gnutls.
> Ok.

Well, as Alan Post said, nspr can stay where it is, as it's not about

> > Aside these moves, I think we'd add some more categories to rearrange
> > things a bit better, and cleanup the existing ones.  Many programs are
> > put in a "best-fit-in-what-we-already-have" category, although it
> > doesn't really match their functionality.  So here are some proposals:
> > 
> > - accessibility: Holding accessibility programs and libraries.  Some
> >   candidates include gok, gnome-mag, gnopernicus, atk, gail and
> >   libgail-gnome.
> If you get about 10 package together for this, I agree.
> Categories with less packages can be collected in misc for now
> (or wherever they currently are).

Aside the six I said, add dasher and kdeaccessibility3.  But humm, doh!
That makes a total of eight! ;)

Well, gnome-speech (a text-to-speech API) could be a candidate too.
And a search in freshmeat, looking for 'accessibility' or 'blind', shows
quite a bunch of projects of this kind (most of which are not packaged,

> > - themes: A place to put all these packages providing themes for
> >   multiple applications (be it GNOME, XMMS, KDE, GTK or whatever).
> >   Putting them under x11 (or even wm) is ugly (and we already have a
> >   bunch there).  Given that we will keep adding theme packages, it'd be
> >   better if they were easy to find and correctly classified in a
> >   centralized place.
> Which packages would you move there?

gnome-themes, gnome-themes-extras, gtk-engines, gtk-thinice-engine,
gtk2-engines, gtk2-engines-bluecurve, gtk2-engines-clearlooks,
xfce4-gtk2-engines, theme-dirs, gnome-icon-theme, hicolor-icon-theme,
gnome-pixmaps, gnome2-pixmaps, xfce4-icon-theme.  These are all mixed
in graphics, x11 and misc.

Aside these, maybe the following could be moved too, which are currently
inside wm: ethemes, fvwm2-themes, sawfish-themes, wmtheme,
xfce4-wm-themes.  Of course, CATEGORIES could still list 'wm' as a
secondary option.

And, at last, maybe the category could also hold utilities to manage
themes, such as gtk2-chtheme or gtk2-theme-switch.

I think that there are enough examples in this case ;)


Julio M. Merino Vidal <>
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