Subject: Re: patch: net/netcat fails to build on dragonfly
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Peter Schuller <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/27/2005 00:43:54

>   NC_TARGET.Interix=     netbsd
>   NC_TARGET.OpenBSD=     netbsd
>  +NC_TARGET.DragonFly=    netbsd
> I wonder if
> NC_TARGET.DragonFly=	freebsd
> would be better?

If you think so then I'm sure that is the case. I do not have much of a
clue as to the internals of pkgsrc and how all the make magic hangs together.
I basically chose netbsd because that's what was used for OpenBSD/Interix,
and I figured it was essentially a workable default. But given that DragonFly
is much closer to FreeBSD than NetBSD, your suggestions makes obvious sense.

In any case I tried building with 'freebsd' instead and it does still build.

> This list if fine, except you have a large chance that someone will
> overlook or forget about this.
> You can also directly email the maintainer, but in this case, there is not
> maintainer.
> If you use send-pr (or the web-based interface) to submit PR for GNATS for
> the "pkg" category, then we can keep track of it.

Alright. I was considering this but wasn't sure whether Dragonfly stuff was
very welcome in NetBSD gnats (since pkgsrc does not seem to have a separate
database). Should I just file future issues like this under the 'pkg' category
in NetBSD gnats then?

> I will commit this for you, if you think "netbsd" is preferred over
> "freebsd" as the make target.

For now, see above. Given time I will try to learn more about pkgsrc so
that I can give intelligent feedback in the future...

Thanks a lot!

/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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