Subject: Re: patch: net/netcat fails to build on dragonfly
To: Peter Schuller <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/26/2005 15:55:25
On Sun, 27 Mar 2005, Peter Schuller wrote:

> > NC_TARGET.DragonFly=	freebsd
> > would be better?
> If you think so then I'm sure that is the case. I do not have much of a
> clue as to the internals of pkgsrc and how all the make magic hangs together.

This is just the build target included by netcat (and not pkgsrc).
Netcat's build has support for irix, osf, freebsd, bsdi, netbsd, hpux and
other platforms, but not OpenBSD or Interix. (I use lowercase, because
that is what the targets use by netcat's Makefile.)

> I basically chose netbsd because that's what was used for OpenBSD/Interix,
> and I figured it was essentially a workable default. But given that DragonFly
> is much closer to FreeBSD than NetBSD, your suggestions makes obvious sense.
> In any case I tried building with 'freebsd' instead and it does still build.

Thanks for testing.

> Alright. I was considering this but wasn't sure whether Dragonfly stuff was
> very welcome in NetBSD gnats (since pkgsrc does not seem to have a separate
> database). Should I just file future issues like this under the 'pkg' category
> in NetBSD gnats then?

Yes, that is fine.

Thanks for using pkgsrc!

(By the way, I have been doing some DragonFly installation documentation

 Jeremy C. Reed

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