Subject: Re: Latest bittorrent package seems to be broken on port cobalt.
To: Alex Pelts <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/24/2005 02:07:20
> I updated pkgsrc to the latest one with sup and rebuild packages that 
> I use. That upgraded my python and bittorrent. Now does not 
> work anymore. I sent email to maintainer but no reply so far. The 
> problem seems to be introduced by one of the patches, namely

I got your mail, but hadn't had the time to answer yet nor to actually 
look at the problem.

> patch-ad. It certainly worked with previous version of bittorrent.
> I am not sure if anyone wants to fix this now, when 4.0 is out. Still 
> it is not good to have broken packages.
> I am willing to work with whoever wants to fix this, although my 
> python  knowledge is limited.

I'm going to update BitTorrent to 4.0 this weekend. In the meantime you 
could try with Python 2.4 (if that is an option) and/or send 
a PR[1], so that your report won't get lost.


[1] see for details