Subject: Re: mkisofs file size limit
To: None <>
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/15/2005 00:54:16
In article <>,
	Carl Brewer <> writes:
> Frederick Bruckman wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> I've composed a patch to write files of arbitrary size (greater than 4GB)
>> using multiple extents, conditionally on giving "-iso-level 3".  The only
>> guaranteed method to extract them is using "isoinfo" as patched by the patch,
>> although my DVD Video (hardware) player happens to be able to play them.
>> Anybody interested?
> I'm definatly interested, but am wondering if there's a "better" way to
> store 4GB on a DVD?  I'm trying to use them to back up filesystems
> with cdrecord.  Any suggestions rather than hacking at mkisofs?

You could just write your dump file(s) directly to the raw partition,
and use "-B" to set the volume size. For backups, I think it would be
smart to *not* go greater than 4GB on a Single-Layer DVD, as many PCAV
writers do their zone change at about 4.2GB, and that's where you'll
find the lowest quality writing on the whole disk.

Since you asked, though, here's my patch: