Subject: Re: New AIX transforms
To: Tim Rightnour <>
From: Peter Schmiedeskamp <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/14/2005 06:32:02
Thanks for the reply, Tim.  

I'll try to figure out how to modify the transform to
purge the -Werror from the build.  If/when I have
success, I'll submit a patch.

I'll also try to figure out what is happening with
respect to the gen-reorder script not making it into
the build tree.  Is there any documentation that
describes the transform process and the copying of
these files?  Failing that, could you give me a
pointer or two to get me started?

Finally, my CONFIG_SHELL=bash line is there to
fix/speed up various builds.  In particular, building
gcc using ksh as the config shell takes several times
longer than using bash.  The GNU people mention this
on this page:

It would appear that under AIX 5.3 you run into one of
those "disastrous corner-case performance problems"
with ksh.  I'm not sure about AIX 5.1, although I
could probably test that.

Thanks for the work you've put into this.  Anybody who
compiles software on AIX with any frequency owes you
and Grant a beer.


--- Tim Rightnour <> wrote:
> > My testing environment is a p610 running AIX 5.3
> > patchset 1.
> >
> > ==========================
> > Attempt with XLC
> > ==========================
> > I suspect, however, that the solution is not to
> just
> > take this flag out but instead to create a case
> for if
> > xlc rather than gcc is used. There is probably a
> > correct place to set whether or not this flag gets
> set
> > for XLC, but I don't know where this would be. 
> Any
> > thoughts?
> What you need to do is transform the -Werror flag
> into the correct flag to
> produce that result under xlc.  You want to edit
> mk/wrapper/transform-xlc-cc. 
> Take a look at the sunpro one to see how they do it.
> As for your problem with gmake.. I'm not sure what
> is wrong there.  I'm able to
> build gmake just fine with gcc.. perhaps it is an
> xlc problem.
> > =======================
> > Attempt with GCC
> > =======================
> I see you are having problems with gen-reorder here
> too.  My guess is that the
> @WRAPPER_SH@ at the top might not be getting
> transformed properly, or that the
> file isn't getting copied over from
> mk/wrapper/  This must be a
> new bug, as I haven't been seeing this.
> Also.. as for perl.  The perl in pkgsrc-current
> should build just fine now. 
> However I've been testing it on aix 4.3.3, and not
> having much luck.  It seems
> to fail some tests, and coredumps when trying to
> install itself.
> I also see you set your CONFIG_SHELL to bash.. does
> that fix anything?  I
> haven't seen any direct problems from that.  I'm
> currently running a bulk build
> from 2004Q4 pkgsrc on aix 5.1.  Partial results can
> be seen here:
> ---
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