Subject: Re: New AIX transforms
To: Peter Schmiedeskamp <>
From: Tim Rightnour <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/13/2005 13:14:18
> My testing environment is a p610 running AIX 5.3
> patchset 1.
> ==========================
> Attempt with XLC
> ==========================
> I suspect, however, that the solution is not to just
> take this flag out but instead to create a case for if
> xlc rather than gcc is used. There is probably a
> correct place to set whether or not this flag gets set
> for XLC, but I don't know where this would be.  Any
> thoughts?

What you need to do is transform the -Werror flag into the correct flag to
produce that result under xlc.  You want to edit mk/wrapper/transform-xlc-cc. 
Take a look at the sunpro one to see how they do it.

As for your problem with gmake.. I'm not sure what is wrong there.  I'm able to
build gmake just fine with gcc.. perhaps it is an xlc problem.

> =======================
> Attempt with GCC
> =======================

I see you are having problems with gen-reorder here too.  My guess is that the
@WRAPPER_SH@ at the top might not be getting transformed properly, or that the
file isn't getting copied over from mk/wrapper/  This must be a
new bug, as I haven't been seeing this.

Also.. as for perl.  The perl in pkgsrc-current should build just fine now. 
However I've been testing it on aix 4.3.3, and not having much luck.  It seems
to fail some tests, and coredumps when trying to install itself.

I also see you set your CONFIG_SHELL to bash.. does that fix anything?  I
haven't seen any direct problems from that.  I'm currently running a bulk build
from 2004Q4 pkgsrc on aix 5.1.  Partial results can be seen here:

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