Subject: Re: SIP phone implementations
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/12/2005 12:47:14
On Aug 2,  3:58am, "Charles M. Hannum" wrote:
} So there are 4 open source SIP phone implementations besides kphone:
} * minisip: Supports full privacy via TLS.  Has its own tightly-related 
} * SFLphone: This one looks pretty good from the description.  It supports 
} * linphone: From the author of libosip and libexosip.  I don't know
} * sipXphone: This is part of a big project based on the Pingtel source tree, 
} I would dearly love it if someone would make a couple of these fit in pkgsrc.  
     Do any of these work from the command line, or do all of them
require X?

}-- End of excerpt from "Charles M. Hannum"