Subject: Re: mail/thunderbird-gtk2 fails to build on Solaris 10
To: None <>
From: Eric Boutilier <Eric.Boutilier@Sun.COM>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/09/2005 14:17:13
On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 wrote:
> grant beattie wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 09:37:27AM +0000, wrote:
>>> Greetings, I'm trying to build thunderbird on Solaris 10 and get the 
>>> following error messages. Looks like it needs '-lnsl' flag for 
>>> 'gethostbyaddr'. Any ideas how to fix it?
>> I have committed a fix for this. please try updating and building
>> thunderbird again.
>> grant.
> Thanks for that, the fix seems to work, it just finished building 
> thunderbird-gtk2 without any errors.

YOW -- that was a fast fix -- esecially for a monstor app like
Thunderbird.  (Or maybe I just need to get over my skepticism!)
In any case, this is great. Thanks, you guys!