Subject: pkgtools/pkg_install fails to build
To: None <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/07/2005 17:31:59
anyone seeing this ?
cc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DDEF_LOG_DIR=\"/var/db/pkg\" -DTAR_CMD=\""/bin/tar"\" -DFTP_CMD=\""/usr/bin/ftp"\" -DDEF_UMASK=0022 -I/local/mayotte1/bouyer/tmp/pkg/pkgtools/pkg_install/work/libnbcompat  -I. -I. -O2 -c pen.c
pen.c: In function `min_free':
pen.c:214: error: storage size of `buf' isn't known
*** Error code 1

This is on a system running a NetBSD/i386 2.99.15 kernel with a 2.0 userland.

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference