Subject: Mailman Permission issues
To: None <>
From: Kailash Sethuraman <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/04/2005 13:55:37

 I have had problems with mailman for a while. This is because
 of the
 MAILMAN_MAILGROUP  variable being set to guest ( group of user daemon)
 I have always had to change this value to "mailman" in the Makefile
so as to  to bypass
 the several permissions problems that I encounter.
 ( I noticed recently that I did not have to put user daemon in this group
 for this to work either )
 In its current status, the mailbox package does not work well for out of the
 box installs.
 I use mailman + postfix from base by the way. NetBSD 2.0.

I corresponded with Manuel Boyer ( maintainer of mailman) and he stated that :
"Well, with MAILMAN_MAILGROUP=guest, it works out of the box on NetBSD 1.6 with
sendmail. I didn't try on 2.0, neither with sendmail nor postfix. I suspect
it won't work with sendmail, because sendmail 8.12 will probably use smmsp
instead of daemon.
picking the right value for sendmail between 1.6 and 2.0 is probably doable
(just check the existence of user smmsp, maybe ?) but I've no idea how to
detect if we're using sendmail or postfix.
Maybe ask on tech-pkg@ ?"

May I ask how we can go about fixing this issue? ( setting
mailman makes it work out of the box with a postfix ( from base)  setup. 

Thanks and Regards,