Subject: Re: pkg_select's sysinst integration
To: iMil <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/03/2005 02:47:51
On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, iMil wrote:
> handling itself. Actual development version can :
> . detect if pkgsrc is present, if not :
>  . fetch and uncompress it by ftp, server chosen from a mirror list

Can the listing of the extracted files be made optional? I guess it'll be 
too much for slow consoles/terminals.

>  . fetch it by CVS, giving branch choice, server chosen from a mirror
>    list

Minor nur: s/current/pkgsrc-current/

The automatic detection of available branches is impressive. :)

> . upgrade pkgsrc from the interface, giving branch choice

How does one do this? Some menu to do all the pkgsrc-maintenance would be 

> . massive installation / deinstallation, i.e. you can tag various packages
>  and launch a massive installation / deinstallation

um, I'd find 't' a bit more intuitive than 'a' (or maybe allow both?)

For the help (which is getting full), maybe have a "[o] other options" 
item, that cycles to the next help-screen, similar to what pine does?

When pressing 'i' to install selected pkgs, selecting them and pressing 
RETURN deselects it without warning - that seems counter-intuitive (I 
don't know what to expect on RETURN, but probably not deselection).

When trying to add tagged pkgs from binary pkgs, it seems PKG_PATH doesn't 
get set. Also, the OS version seems wrong when "normally" installing a 
binary pkg:

 	trying PKG_PATH /home/cvs/pkgsrc/(null)/packages/2.0/i386/All

Mass-Installation from source seems to work fine :)

On mass-deinstallation maybe ask the same question (once!), whether they 
should be really deleted: yes/no/recursive. Esp. the latter may be useful.

Some "preferences" dialogue to select preferred server 
for pkgsrc-over-FTP, pkgsrc-over-CVS, binary-pkgs would be nice.

There are probably other things to work on...

> i won't commit these changes to wip yet as they are not heavily tested, 
> anyway someone using wip obviously have a working pkgsrc :)
> Current pkg_select can be fetched from
> co pkg_select with passwd: anoncvs

well, pkgsrc-wip is work-in-progress, so I wouldn't be shy of keeping the 
latest code there.

> Current version must be ran from the select/ directory, as it uses 2 files 
> where cvs and ftp mirrors are listed. Call to these files are currently 
> hardcoded to ./
> About this, would you prefer mirrors to be listed in simple flat files or, 
> like FreeBSD's sysinstall, in a header file ?

I'd say a config file, maybe with 1 server compiled in?

> You can try pkgsrc fetch feature this way :
> ./pkg_select -b /somewhereelse/pkgsrc
> or
> PKGSRCDIR=/somewhereelse/pkgsrc ./pkg_select

Hm, this doesn't seem to work for me.
The -b command line option seems to be completely ignored,
setting PKGSRCDIR results in the last component replaced by 'pkgsrc', i.e. 
if I set PKGSRCDIR=/tmp/foo, a cvs checkout ends up in /tmp/pkgsrc.
This happens for both FTP and CVS.

OK, I'm off to bed... n8!

  - Hubert

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