Subject: more on the issue of using the wrong ld in the .wrapper/bin/ld
To: None <,>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/02/2005 21:29:08
Hi everyone,

some of you might recall my cry for help a few weks back regarding the use
of ${LOCALBASE}/bin/ld instead of /usr/bin/ld in .wrapper/bin/ld.
I have further looked into the problem, and I think it is due to the
following code in mk/wrapper/

        *)      save_IFS="$$IFS";                                       \
                IFS=":";                                                \
                for dir in $${PATH}; do                                 \
                        case $${dir} in                                 \
                        *${WRAPPER_DIR}*)                               \
                                ;;                                      \
                        *)                                              \
                                if ${TEST} -f $${dir}/$$wrappee -o      \
                                           -h $${dir}/$$wrappee; then   \
                                        wrappee=$${dir}/$$wrappee;      \
                                        break;                          \
                                fi;                                     \
                                ;;                                      \
                        esac;                                           \
                done;                                                   \
                IFS="$$save_IFS";                                       \
                if ${TEST} ! -x "$$wrappee"; then                       \
                        gen_wrapper=no;                                 \
                        ${ECHO_WRAPPER_MSG} "Warning: unable to create
${_wrappee_} wrapper script: \`$$wrappee'"; \
                fi;                                                     \
                ;;                                                      \

The problem is that ${LOCALBASE}/bin had automatically been prepended to
PATH (although it is not in my normalk shell path), so the scripts happily
finds ${LOCALBASE}/bin/ld  and uses that one.
Is there a way to change this, or maybe to explicitly set which ld to use?

bmake show-vars VARNAMES=LD gives /usr/bin/ld, but the script building the
wrapper does not seem to care.

Georg Schwarz     +49 178 8545053