Subject: Re: Evolution 2.0.3 doesn't set the charset
To: Eric d'Alibut <>
From: Lars Nordlund <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/02/2005 20:24:06
Thu 2005-02-24 klockan 08:54 -0500 skrev Eric d'Alibut:
> On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 17:15:27 +0000, Leonard Schmidt <> wrote:
> > I'm experiencing a *really* annoying problem with Evolution:
> > regardless of what character set I'm choosing in the composer options,
> > Evolution just doesn't set a charset (Content-Type: text/plain; nothing
> > else). This is especially annoying when composing e-mails with german
> > umlauts and the "Esszett".
> > When viewing these mails in Mutt, I only see question marks.
> > With the help of Google I found the following:
> >
> > So according to this, it should be already fixed. Indeed, I booted a
> > GNOPPIX beta Live-CD with Evolution 2.1.x and didn't experience that problem!
> I am _very_ interested in seeing this package, evolution2, brought  to
> a useful condition. Unfortunately, I am not smart enough to fix it
> myself, but I wonder if I might be permitted to encourage you to file
> a PR on what you have discovered?


Sorry for the late reply. I have the same problem with wrong encoding on
outgoing mails from evolution 2.0.3/2.0.4. The fix is to put the
following in /etc/mk.conf and rebuild the packages (do not know how
many. Perhaps just evolution, perhaps one of the libs it depends on..)


This makes pkgsrc use another iconv library (the GNU version, I think)

I was meaning to try to debug this but have not found the time. :-(

The reason evolution 2.1.x on Knoppix works could be that Linux most
likely uses the GNU version of iconv (of course..). It could also be
because of some other fix in the new version of evolution. I guess we
will know that in a few weeks when our evolution in pkgsrc is updated to
2.2. As I said in a mail to this list a couple of months ago I seen a
similar problem in an older version of Gaim, and this went away with an
upgrade of said program. Perhaps these GTK2 programs depend on some
GNUism in the iconv library..

Best regards
	Lars Nordlund