Subject: pkg_select's sysinst integration
To: None <>
From: iMil <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/01/2005 22:36:37
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Hi pkg crowd,

Following Hubert's excellent thoughts on pkg_select's behaviour and 
previous discussions about sysinst integration, i focused on pkgsrc
handling itself. Actual development version can :

. detect if pkgsrc is present, if not :
   . fetch and uncompress it by ftp, server chosen from a mirror list
   . fetch it by CVS, giving branch choice, server chosen from a mirror
. upgrade pkgsrc from the interface, giving branch choice
. massive installation / deinstallation, i.e. you can tag various packages
   and launch a massive installation / deinstallation

i won't commit these changes to wip yet as they are not heavily tested, 
anyway someone using wip obviously have a working pkgsrc :)
Current pkg_select can be fetched from co pkg_select with passwd: anoncvs

Current version must be ran from the select/ directory, as it uses 2 files 
where cvs and ftp mirrors are listed. Call to these files are currently 
hardcoded to ./
About this, would you prefer mirrors to be listed in simple flat files or, 
like FreeBSD's sysinstall, in a header file ?

You can try pkgsrc fetch feature this way :

./pkg_select -b /somewhereelse/pkgsrc
PKGSRCDIR=/somewhereelse/pkgsrc ./pkg_select

Still needs to be done :

. "live" pkgsrc browsing / managing over a cvs or ftp link (without
   pkgsrc being installed on the system)
. conf file with default values

please feedback / test !


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