Subject: Q re. devel/cfg+
To: None <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/28/2005 00:04:14
When I try to install devel/cfg+ I end up like this:

        Installing file /usr/local/pkg/include/platon/cfg+.h
        Creating symlink /usr/local/pkg/include/cfg+.h
        Creating symlink /usr/local/pkg/lib/
UX:ln: ERROR: Insufficient arguments
UX:ln: INFO: Usage: ln [-fis] f1 f2 
UX:ln: INFO:        ln [-fis] f1 ... f2 dir 
gmake[1]: *** [install-symlinks] Error 2

The code in work/libcfg+-0.6.2/src/Makefile looks like this:

        cd $(DESTDIR)$(libdir) && ( \
                echo "  Creating symlink
$(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/$(LIBDYNAMIC)"; \
                $(LN_S) $(LIBDYNAMICV) $(LIBDYNAMIC); \

Where is $(LIBDYNAMIC) supposed to be defined?
patch-ab seems to remove the respective definition. 

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