Subject: Re: Nasty bug in devel/zlib
To: Georg Schwarz <>
From: Adam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/26/2005 23:46:13
> I think I finally pinned down a nasty bug related to devel/zlib:
> My system, IRIX 5.3, does not have vsnprintf; nevertheless when 
> building
> some packages (e.g. x11/gtk2) the linker complains about an unresolved
> symbol vsnprintf in some libz shared library.
> The reason for this seems to be as follows:
> pkgsrc/devel/zlib/patches/patch-aa deletes the CFLAGS= line from
> However zlib's configure script uses sed to match ^CFLAGS in order to
> add the values it has determined. These values can contain
> -DNO_vsnprintf or -DHAS_vsnprintf_void.
> Because of the patch, these defines are dropped.
> I have manually put back the CFLAGS=-O2 line to after the
> patch phase, and ... all the strange problems with zlib are gone!
> So, could we simply leave in the CFLAGS= line in What is
> the reason for it being removed?


Can you check if adding:
(in the place where CFLAGS= -O is removed by the patch) helps buidling 
on IRIX?
If it works, I can commit the change.
Thank you :)

Kind regards,