Subject: (fwd) DSS - Darwin Streaming Server for NetBSD (fwd)
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Date: 02/26/2005 20:48:02
pkg, anyone?

  - Hubert

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Subject: DSS - Darwin Streaming Server for NetBSD
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Hi people,

i searched the web today, but found only questions about how to compile
the DSS on netbsd and no solutions. Are there some?
Anyway, there are some reports on compiling DSS on openbsd and freebsd,
but nothing for netbsd, so i made a patch based on an openbsd patch for
dss. It compiles and runs very well on my netbsd 2.0 machine, so if you
want to take a look at it, please do so.

You can find the patch here:

there are also some instructions on how to build and install it,
actually it's the same information you can find in the dss readme...


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