Subject: Re: pkg/29227
To: None <>
From: Takahiro Kambe <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/25/2005 23:06:32
In message <>
	on Wed, 23 Feb 2005 08:35:00 +0900 (JST),
	Curt Sampson <> wrote:
> >> though iconv is a standard part of NetBSD 2.0.
> > It is intentionally as ruby-curses, ruby-gdbm, ruby-readline, ....
> Why are you making the ruby package so hard to use? To be able to run
> any ruby program that says it requires ruby 1.8.2, I have two choices.
I see what you want to say.

> If this is to save space, I'd like to know just how much space is saved.
> The standard ruby install is 10 MB or so. Of that, iconv is less than 40
> KB, or less than 0.4%.
It isn't the problem of ruby-iconv package itself.  On some platforms
(including NetBSD 1.6.x), it needs additional iconv package.  The same
way, ruby-curses package needs additional ncurses package.  (And some
of NetBSD's ports have limited size of disk space.)

Anyway, I'll add ruby-iconv package to ruby18 and/or make ruby16/18 to

Best regards.

Takahiro Kambe <>