Subject: Re: Evolution 2.0.3 doesn't set the charset
To: None <>
From: Eric d'Alibut <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/24/2005 08:54:35
On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 17:15:27 +0000, Leonard Schmidt <> wrote:

> I'm experiencing a *really* annoying problem with Evolution:
> regardless of what character set I'm choosing in the composer options,
> Evolution just doesn't set a charset (Content-Type: text/plain; nothing
> else). This is especially annoying when composing e-mails with german
> umlauts and the "Esszett".
> When viewing these mails in Mutt, I only see question marks.
> With the help of Google I found the following:
> So according to this, it should be already fixed. Indeed, I booted a
> GNOPPIX beta Live-CD with Evolution 2.1.x and didn't experience that problem!

I am _very_ interested in seeing this package, evolution2, brought  to
a useful condition. Unfortunately, I am not smart enough to fix it
myself, but I wonder if I might be permitted to encourage you to file
a PR on what you have discovered?

No no no, my fish's name is Eric, Eric the fish. He's an halibut. I am
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