Subject: Re: slight crisis with netbsd desktop box.
To: Thomas Klausner <>
From: Paul (NCC/CS). <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/24/2005 14:53:09
Thomas thanks,

Thomas Klausner wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 04:22:41PM +1100, Paul (NCC/CS). wrote:
> > su# ./gnumeric
> > Shared object "" not found
> Do you have IGNORE_RECOMMENDED set in /etc/mk.conf?
> Or did you do 'make replace'?

& No never.

> One safe way to get out of this is to pkg_delete -r
> all the packages whose libraries are not found by others,
> and then reinstall them and their dependencies from source.

I tried this thanks. But it didn't delete ALL the dependencies.
Just some of them. DAMN.
I want them all gone before I rebuild gnumeric.

So now I want to delete all pkgs but how to do this?


> How to find them?
> For example, bar complains about missing libfoo.1.2.
>         pkg_info -Fe /usr/pkg/lib/libfoo*
> will tell you to which package the libraries belong.
> Deinstall it (and its dependencies) and reinstall
> from source.
> Cheers,
>  Thomas



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