Subject: Xaw3d - wrong compiler flags on Solaris w gcc
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From: Malte Dehling <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/23/2005 21:37:22
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Last week I tried to build Xaw3d from pkgsrc on a dual Ultra-2 / Solaris 9
with gcc3 installed from pkgsrc. GCC complained about unknown compiler
flags (-Kpic -xF and -xarch=3Dv8) which makes me believe that Xaw3d checks
for the operating system and automatically assumes Im using the SUN C
compiler with Solaris... Anyway, I removed all occurences of '-xF' and
'-xarch=3Dv8' from the Makefile and replaced all '-Kpic's with '-fPIC's
(without this, linking didnt work.)

After this everything built fine but experienced another problem:
'make install' install the headers in ../pkg/include/X11/X11/Xaw3d, which
should be ../pkg/include/X11/Xaw3d I think. Just moving the directory there
works, but this is not a real fix of course...

I might come up with a fix/patch for these problems, but I dont really know
where to start, so I will read some docs/pkgsrc stuff/etc first. Shouldnt be
too hard I think.

btw: Is this the correct list for problems with pkgsrc/solaris ? Just
asking because there a several more... I more or less succesfully built
unrar, xmms, code2html, cvs, doc++, gmake, manedit, nedit, vim, gnuplot,
xfig, xzgv, gcc3-{c++,c,f77}, scilab, dialog, less, screen, nmap, pkg_chk,
pkg_install, pkglint, shlock, acroread5, cups, cupsomatic-ppds, gv, teTeX,
audit-packages, gnupg, top, xosview and firefox, but some of these required
quite some work.
(A list of problems/fixes can be found at .
this is not really meant to be human readable but just a reminder for me,
so I can report and maybe fix those...)

Thanks in advance for any comments, fixes, etc.

Malte Dehling

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