Subject: Re: Are net/quagga and net/zebra still maintained ?
To: Jeff Rizzo , Richard Braun <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/22/2005 16:22:43
I just commited an update to wip/quagga-devel to today's snapshot, but
haven't really tested it.

One problem is that the package installs rc.d scripts named e.g, and the pkgsrc framework expects to have to create rc.d
scripts from files in ${WRKSRC}.  So, I think the right thing is:

a) change quagga to make rc.d scritps called  bgpd, not
This will enable smooth usage with hand compilation outside of pkgsrc,
with just cp'ing the files.

b) tell pkgsrc/wip/quagga-devel/Makefile to expect the install target
to have put the rc.d scripts in the right place (i pass a configure
argument to make it do this).  I'm not clear on how to do this; right
now the framework is doing an install of the scripts as well, to the names.


Other thoughts:

Is there any reason to keep the conditional compilation of Opaque
LSAs, rather than just always doing that?

isisd doesn't really work yet.  Anyone playing with it really should
be using cvs quagga, fixing problems or writing code, and sending it
in.  So it is not built/installed in the pkg.

I think the net/quagga package should be much like the
wip/quagga-devel, modulo distfile location and name.

        Greg Troxel <>