Subject: Packages Disappearing and Mass Upgrading
To: None <>
From: Loren M. Lang <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/21/2005 18:27:20
Packages that I've installed via pkgsrc seem to disappear sometimes when
I upgrade or install other packages in pkgsrc.  Recently gvim
disappeared which I installed with editors/vim-gtk2 from pkgsrc 2004Q3.
I believe it happened while installing a new program using pkgsrc
2004Q4, but I don't know which one.  Even more recently almost all, if
not all of my kde packages disappeared which I installed from 2004Q3
including packages like kdebase.  The package I think that caused it's
removal was when I installed psi from 2004Q4.  During the install qt was
updated and I'm assuming that it decided to remove kde which also needed
upgrading, but it never installed a newer one, nor did I need it
upgraded even, I just wanted psi.  Now that psi is installed, I tried to
reinstall meta-pkgs/kde3 and found it had some vunerabilities so I
needed to define ALLOW_VULNERABLE_PACKAGES.  Even defining that kde3
fails to install because a dependency, databases/openldap has it's
configure script claiming that an incompatible version of berkeley db is
installed.  Looking at it's dependency list it requires db 4.2 and I see in /usr/pkg/lib installed.  The config.log shows that
several undefined identifies like DB_CREATE and the -l flag for db4-4.2
is missing.  I haven't had more time to debug why this is failing, but I
am wondering why I have to.  kde was installed and running just fine
before I tried to install psi, and now I have my kde desktop running,
but nothing works and I can't do much.

Also, is there a good script like portupgrade for keeping a system
up-to-date with pkgsrc?
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