Subject: How to build a kernel with arc4_setkey and friends in it?
To: None <,,>
From: Andrew Reilly <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/20/2005 00:05:55
Hi again,

Still setting up this firewall box, and I've come to the MS-PPTP
part.  I notice that Mr. cube has recently yanked the old
net/ppp-mppe port, in favour of net/mppe-lkm.  That seemed to
build nicely, and I even managed to load it once, manually.  So
I don't think that there's anything specifically wrong with

Since then, though, I've heavily tweaked my kernel config, as a
slimming-down exercise.  I had to take gre out anyway, to make
pptp work.  What I find now is that modload /usr/pkg/lkm/mppe.o
complains that all of the arc4_* symbols are missing.

I see that there's an arc4 implementation in
src/sys/crypto/arc4, but it obviously isn't being built into my
kernel any more.

What config knob should I tweak to include it in my kernel?  How
would I find that out, as a general exercise?

I have options IPSEC_ESP and pseudo-device crypto enabled in my
new kernel, and none of the other lines in GENERIC look
crypto-ish, except perhaps for cgd, but that's commented out of
crypto anyway.

Thanks in advance for any help.