Subject: Re: Are net/quagga and net/zebra still maintained ?
To: Jeff Rizzo <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/19/2005 15:54:20
I've been lame about updating these, since I run quagga from quagga
CVS (I'm one of the maintainers).  Basically, the only reasonable
versions to run are 0.98.2 (or really, along that branch) for those
aiming for stability, and the head of CVS for those more adventurous.
So, net/quagga should get updated to 0.98.2.  0.98.2 has pkgsrc/NetBSD
rc.d scripts, and a configure option to install them - those can
probably be backported to zebra.

Other than turning on the rc.d options and setting RC_D variables,
there should be nothing tricky about updating net/quagga to 0.98.2.
There are now shlibs, and some new programs, so PLIST has changed.  It
needs new gtexinfo to build info files, but the release tarball has
them prebuilt.

wip/quagga-devel should then get updated to a more recent snapshot.
I meant to be able to use it to install recent bits from quagga cvs,
and put in in wip in the hopes it would be helpful to others.