Subject: Re: Are net/quagga and net/zebra still maintained ?
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/19/2005 12:34:57
Jeff Rizzo wrote:

> Richard Braun wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've installed both net/zebra and net/quagga, and I was surprised to 
>> find
>> there is no rc.d script. Comments in the Makefile say it's a development
>> release. I have two questions :
>> o is there a maintainer for these packages ?
>> o are these packages (with the versions in pkgsrc) suitable for 
>> production
>>   use ?
>> I have opened a PR at 
>> Thanks.
> It looks like they haven't been substantively updated in a while.  I'm 
> willing to work on the packages to bring them more up-to-date, and 
> I'll attach the changes to the PR.  Quagga is probably the better bet 
> as it's more actively maintained, but you are correct that Zebra 
> should at least have some rc.d scripts.
> I can probably have things updated in a week or two, depending on my 
> other workload.
> +j

I just looked at pkgsrc-wip ( ) and 
noted that Quagga 0.96.5 is packaged there as "wip/quagga-devel", and is 
much more recent than what's in pkgsrc proper.  (I've CC:ed the 
maintainer of that pkg)   Since the version of Quagga in pkgsrc proper 
is 0.96.3, should the wip package perhaps replace the package in pkgsrc 
proper?  Also, I don't want to step on anyone's toes, so if a package of 
Quagga 0.98.2 is in progress already, that's probably a better candidate 
than what I would make, as I tend to be focussed specifically on the BGP 
parts of Quagga...  However, I just attempted to _build_ that package, 
and it looks like the tarball ("quagga-0.96.5-20040831.tar.gz") is no 
longer available from the download sites...

Greg, would you care to comment?