Subject: Re: AIX 5.3 and ld
To: Klaus Heinz <>
From: Peter Schmiedeskamp <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/18/2005 12:16:48
The libraries are found during the linking phase using
the -L option.

Also, runtime linking is a bit of a strange beast in
AIX.  Take a look at this IBM Developer Works article
for a more in-depth discussion of GCC and shared
libraries in AIX:

I hope this answers your question satisfactorily.  I'm
certainly no AIX or pkgsrc expert, and so I could be
missing something.  I desperately want pkgsrc to work
properly on AIX, and I want to make sure that any of
my proposed modifications fit the established pkgsrc



--- Klaus Heinz <>

> Peter Schmiedeskamp wrote:
> > Should anyone be interested, it appears that the
> -R
> > flag is bogus under AIX (with the possible
> exception
> > of AIX 5.3 where another compatibility flag needs
> to
> > be set).
> If -R is not used on AIX, how do you tell the linker
> the run-time search
> path for shared libraries?
> ciao
>      Klaus

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