Subject: Wine updated to 20050211
To: None <,>
From: Adam Ciarcinski <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/16/2005 13:29:24

I have just updated wine package (emulators/wine) to 20050211.
I would like someone familiar with NetBSD-i386 signals and 'ucontext' 
structure to take a look at patch-af.  I have modified a piece of code, to 
make it work on NetBSD-current (2.99.15), but I am not sure if it works
correctly.  Especially it would be good to add couple of #if's to deal with
older versions of NetBSD.

Also, if anyone can check the package on other platform, like FreeBSD and 
OpenBSD, that would be good.

Any input welcome.

By the way, the previous version of wine (20050111) does not compile on 
NetBSD-current any more.

Thank you

Kind regards,