Subject: Re: pkgtools/libnbcompat/ uses wrong CC
To: grant beattie <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/15/2005 18:18:27
On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, grant beattie wrote:

> what is the actual issue?

The problem is the environment for building libnbcompat defines CC twice.
One with full path to my gcc. And the other to just "gcc".

The libnbcompat configure fails because it can't find gcc.

> are the wrappers not being created for you?

Yes. No wrapper for gcc. And no work/.gcc directory.

CC=             /usr/pkg/gcc3/bin/gcc
CXX=            /usr/pkg/gcc3/bin/g++

This is Solaris 9.

 Jeremy C. Reed

 	  	 	 technical support & remote administration