Subject: merging ruby-digest and ruby-openssl pacakge to ruby18
To: None <>
From: Takahiro Kambe <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/13/2005 02:04:22

After some discussion along with PR pkg/29227, I'll merge these
package to ruby base package.

	ruby-digest		=> ruby16 and ruby18
	ruby-openssl		=> ruby18

o ruby-digest provide message digest libraries (md5, cmd160, sha1 and
  sha2).  Since these message digest functions are used by standard
  Ruby's libraries, separating ruby-digest break thses libraries
  unusable unless installing ruby-digest package.

o ruby-digest (really Ruby 1.6.8 and Ruby 1.8.2) assume to use OpenSSL
  for most of message digest functions (md5, cmd160 and sha1).  So,
  merging ruby-digest package to ruby16 or ruby18 results these
  packages depend on OpenSSL (which might be provided by base system).

o Ruby 1.8 includes openssl extention library.  If ruby18 package
  assume existence of OpenSSL, there is no reason to separate
  ruby-openssl pacakge.

Drawback is ruby16 and ruby18 depends on OpenSSL, so openssl package
would be needed on some platforms.

Any comments?

Takahiro Kambe <>