Subject: Re: lang/gcc3-c++ is still broken on Solaris
To: Eric Boutilier <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/11/2005 16:22:18
Eric Boutilier wrote:
> I can confirm successful builds of gcc3-c, gcc3-c++, and gcc3-f77
> on Solaris 10. Here are a couple things you might want to try
> (differences between your setup and mine).
> - Install the official Solaris 10 release.
>   (download here:
>   You're using an old release from the Solaris Express program.
> - Use /usr/sfw/bin/gcc
> Also see my other message from earlier today.
> I'd also recommend that you update (or re-install) your pkgsrc tree
> from the latest one in CVS. There were a couple fixes in the last
> few days that make building gcc3-c on Solaris better.
> Eric

OK, thanks for your suggestions, I'll update my beta Solaris 10, tweak a 
few things and hopefully lang/gcc3-c++ will build OK.