Subject: Re: To strip or not to strip
To: Adrian Portelli <>
From: Matthias Buelow <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/09/2005 03:31:11
Adrian Portelli wrote:

>> May I ask, where can I find options such as this documented?
> You can start with packages(7) and also the pkgsrc documentation under 
> pkgsrc/doc.
> The tech-pkg@ mailing list is also good if you're stuck :)
> Every now and then just looking at the source files under mk/ can also 
> help.

It would really be nice if these options were documented.. I found 
INSTALL_UNSTRIPPED neither in the manpage, nor on pkgsrc/doc, nor in the 
documentation of (although I haven't searched the latter 
exhaustively).  Same with certain package-specific options, like 
SUSE_PREFER.  It's nice that if you ask on the mailing lists you get an 
answer like "oh, but you have to set the xyz variable" and then it works 
but it would be even better if that kind of insider knowledge was 
available somewhere for the user to find before having to bother people 
on the mailing lists.