Subject: pkgsrc for FreeBSD?
To: None <>
From: Roman Kennke <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/08/2005 18:02:55
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Hi list,

I am thinking about using pkgsrc on one of my FreeBSD servers, mainly
because the FreeBSD ports tree isn't really suitable for production use.
The main problem for me is, that I am forced to go with the most current
FreeBSD-Ports tree if I want updates. This regularily breaks some little
things. I see that FreeBSD is in the supported list for the pkgsrc tree.
Before I switch, I'd like to hear some opinions about this:

1. Is FreeBSD equally well supported in pkgsrc as NetBSD is? My concern
are security updates and unmaintained packages
2. Are security updates delivered timely? Ok, no big deal if not, they
are not always delivered timely in FreeBSD ports... ;-)
3. What is the best method for updating without breaking stuff? Make
update? pkg_comp? probably something else?
4. Are there performance differences between ports compiled and pkgsrc
compiled packages?
5. Are there other caveats in a setup like this? Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance!

BTW: I would rather completely go with NetBSD on this machine, but I am
some hundred kilometers aways from it and only have a SSH connection, so
this does not seem easy to accomplish. And yes, I activly use
NetBSD/pkgsrc on 2 boxes at home.


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