Subject: Re: solaris pkgsrc, gcc, and bulk builds (fwd)
To: Mark Linimon <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/07/2005 17:15:38
On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Mark Linimon wrote:

> > In the world of open-source software (OSS) there are just a few
> > "distros" that are source-based. The two major ones appear to be
> > Portage ( and Pkgsrc (
> I don't wish to be rude here, as I'm a FreeBSD developer who just
> monitors the list to stay informed, but ...
> According to my latest statistics, the FreeBSD ports collection stands
> at 12313 ports*, the majority of which are source-based (a few include
> Linux RPMs that we run in compatibility mode; there are a scattered
> number of other binary-only ports.)
> Currently of the above number, we package up over 11000.  (A few
> hundred cannot be packaged due to licensing restrictions; the others
> have various build problems.)
> This is not to say that the Ports Collection is either better or worse
> than pkgsrc -- for one thing, they have different goals and methodologies.
> (pkgsrc is branched and FreeBSD's tree isn't; FreeBSD runs on far fewer
> architectures, although it does include sparc64.  Each of these allows
> certain simplifications.)  The point of this post isn't really to belabor
> any of the above -- but surely any survey of source-based applications
> frameworks should include FreeBSD's work.

Hello Mark. You missed the point of the post :)

This is not NetBSD running on a Sparc system. This is using Pkgsrc on a
Solaris operating system.

As far as I have seen and used, FreeBSD ports only works on FreeBSD.

I use pkgsrc on FreeBSD ...

 Jeremy C. Reed

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