Subject: abook screen-handling
To: None <>
From: Ian D. Leroux <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/06/2005 17:39:13
I've been trying out the databases/abook package for contact management.
Functionally, everything works, but the display of submenus (used to
edit contact information) is strange.  Normally the main list of people
should be replaced by a tabbed dialog of things to edit.  In fact,
only those parts of the screen directly written to by the submenu
get repainted, the others keep showing the main contact list (so you're
editing the fields on a background of ascii chars ... very confusing).
^L (Redraw) just recreates the same screen, so it's "deliberate", not a
terminal issue.  The screen isn't otherwise garbled: all characters in
the right place, line-drawing characters work fine ... 
I've tried it on different kinds of terminals (xterm, screen,
console) with consistent (wrong) results.

I don't think this is a bug in abook per se, because I used the same
version on FreeBSD before I switched over to Net a month ago, with
no problems.  None of the PRs I've found on lib/curses seem to
describe this phenomenon, though a few come close (lib/26660,

Does this sound like a known issue with NetBSD curses?  Does anyobody
recognise this behaviour from somewhere?


Ian Leroux